How to Play Online Roulette Like a Pro

Welcome to the best How to Play Roulette Online guide on the internet! If you’d like to discover the ins and outs of the casino classic (including how to win & which strategies to avoid), then first of all you’ll have to go back in time to explore its history, which is actually pretty wondrous….

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The Power of the Wheel!

1. The wheel was invented way back around 5,000 – 3,000 BC, but long before that people were fascinated by the circle – a never ending symbol of forever, with no beginning and no end.

2. Often used to represent the sun or moon, which societies would worship as gods, the circle was believed to have some great unreachable truth about the nature of humanity.

3. Even today we see Hindu women continuing the tradition of Bindi, the circular symbol placed on the forehead to symbolise great understanding.

What does this have to do with roulette? We’re getting there!…Now that you’ve grasped the immense power of the circle throughout humankind we can fast forward to the (relatively) recent time period of the late 1600’s.
French physicist, inventor and mathematician, Blaise Pascal tries to manufacture a “perpetual motion” machine, but accidentally creates the roulette wheel instead!
By the 1800’s, roulette had become a major pasttime of the aristocratic and wealthy, and anyone else who wished to appear as such…

Quick Roulette Facts!

Roulette actually means “little wheel” in yep, you’ve guessed it…French.
Monte Carlo & Las Vegas were the two main casino hubs until the mid 20th century. By the year 2000, casinos could be found in all corners of the globe, and along with them – the game of roulette!

Casino Odds Vs True Odds

Just like other casino games, roulette has a consistent house edge built in so that the casino is guaranteed to make money.
Given that roulette is a game based on chance, with odds of 37 to 1, casinos cannot be sure that they will win in the long run, and so manufacture the odds to make sure they do. By keeping units to themselves, casinos offer roulette odds of 35 to 1, and ensure a house edge of 5.26% (depending on type of wheel).

Different Wheels, Different Odds!

Did you know that there are two types of roulette wheels? The European and the American wheels may look almost identical to the naked eye but their odds are actually staggeringly different. Here’s why:

American Wheel

• Features numbers 1-36 (not in numerical order) and two house edge units (0,00).
• These units are usually blue or green and reduce the player’s winning chances by changing the odds of the game.
• House edge can range from 2.63% to 7.89%, and averages at 5.26%.

European (French) Wheel

• Also features numbers 1-36, but only has one house edge unit (0).
• House edge is much lower, ranging from 1.53% to 2.7%, and averaging at 2.7%.

Moral of the story: always play the European wheel games as they have the best roulette odds!

Great Roulette Strategy Stories

Although roulette is 100% based on luck, there have been gamblers throughout history who have managed to “hack” the game to their advantage. Just take a look at these 2 ultimate roulette winners:

1. Joseph Jagger, 1873
Could possibly be the first “wheel watcher” – a person who looks for roulette wheels with consistent inclinations in order to exploit them. After identifying a wheel with a certain bias, Jagger placed bets on 8 to 10 numbers each spin and was correct each time! By the time the casino caught on, he had already cleared them out of $375,000 and made a swift exit…never to return to the roulette wheel again.

2. Chris Boyd, 1991
After saving an impressive $220,000, UK computer programmer Chris Boyd took off to Las Vegas in order to place it all on just one bet on the roulette wheel. Although most casinos wouldn’t let him place a one time wager, Binion’s Horseshoe in downtown Las Vegas let him carry out his wish. Putting all his hope on red, the wheel spun and…he won the bet, doubling his money!


The Problem With Roulette Betting Strategies

Hearing about these lucky winners may be giving you the itch to take to the roulette wheel yourself. Before you go looking up a roulette strategy to help you win, take a look at why most strategies don’t actually work:

• The house edge makes sure that the casino will make money by fixing the odds in their favour.
• You may win half of the time, but you may also lose half the time…and you won’t break even due to the house edge!
• Using a betting strategy (such as the Martingale, James Bond, D’Alembert, or Fibonacci) will only give more money to the house edge.
• Yes you can be lucky! Anything is possible in a game of luck, but there is no foolproof strategy that can ensure you win.

The only way to beat the modern roulette wheel is…

With today’s roulette wheels being made to the highest standards in order to safeguard the randomness of the game, you’ll be more than lucky if you can find a biased wheel to exploit like Joseph Jagger. The best way to win more often is to:

1. Consolidate your bets! Half of the fun of online roulette is the thrill of anticipation. Reducing the size of your bets will allow you to feel the same rush with less at stake.

2. Play games with a surrender option (gives you half of even-money wagers back if the 0 or 00 hits). This will reduce your overall losses.

3. Oh, and always play on the European wheels…but you knew that already!

The Benefits of Playing Roulette Online

Yes, you can now play and win at roulette from the comfort of your own home! The power of the internet, eh? Ok maybe that’s not so crazy in our day and age, but what’s pretty impressive is the way the same atmosphere of anticipation and excitement found in a real casino can be replicated online. Here’s a quick glance at the different types of online roulette available today:

RNG Roulette – Results are randomly decided by a Random Number Generator (RNG) just like online slot machines. Games can be played one after the other in quick succession. Great if you like things fast paced, although not so ideal for those who love the build up found in real casinos.
Live Games With Live Dealers – Real games played on real tables with real dealers! See the ball roll and hold your breath in anticipation, chat with the dealers in real time and play alongside other real players. The closest thing you’ll get to the real deal!

3 Reasons Why You Should Play Online Roulette:

1. Get the “roulette rush” from your own home (or on-the-go).
2. Try out all your new roulette strategy knowledge.
3. Use the fantastic range of bonuses on offer at to boost your online roulette winnings!

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